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Regain Your Youthful Sense of Self with a Lifted Bosom

A mastopexy in Sydney can help patients to correct sagging and tighten lax skin tissue by lifting the breast and trimming away unwanted skin and fat to deliver a more youthful result. The goal is to help achieve a more prominent and perky appearance.

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Regain Your Youthful Sense of Self with a Lifted Bosom

A mastopexy in Sydney can help patients to correct sagging and tighten lax skin tissue by lifting the breast and trimming away unwanted skin and fat to deliver a more youthful result. The goal is to help achieve a more prominent and perky appearance.

Breast Surgery Redefined

A breast lift in Sydney can truly change the way you look and feel about yourself in certain clothing when looking in the mirror or during intimate moments. With constant advances in the medical field and cutting-edge technology dominating the cosmetic surgery industry, the options are more than ever before. Natural-looking results with reduced downtime and scarring are available in high-end facilities throughout Australia. At Refine Clinic, for example, we offer the latest in implant devices and techniques to patients who want a breast enhancement in Sydney or nearby cities in New South Wales.

The Breast Lift Procedure

Before undergoing surgery, it is important to remember that the results of breast surgery will likely vary for every patient. At Refine Clinic, the first step for any new patient is to schedule an introductory consultation with our very experienced Consultant, who is working closely with the doctors. This is where you will start your journey towards a new you! During the consultation, you will be able to speak plainly with our Consultant to discuss different aspects of your breast lift in Sydney. They will likely mark the areas that need to be addressed or take pictures in order to help tailor a personalised surgery for you.
The most customary way to approach breast lift surgery in Sydney is by making an anchor-shaped incision underneath the nipple, extending along the natural fold of the boob. This method of entry will allow your surgeon to trim away the unwanted tissue and pull the remaining area tight while working with the natural lines and folds in your skin. In some cases, your nipples may need to be repositioned to better achieve a natural look.

Recovery After a Mastopexy

Following your breast lift surgery, you will be given careful instructions for taking care of the surgical site. Your breasts will likely be wrapped in gauze when you leave the facility to head home. From here, most patients will need a few days of bed rest and some assistance getting things done around the house. Your surgeon will advise when you can resume certain activities, like showering or washing your hair.

In the first few weeks after surgery, your breasts will likely be swollen and bruised. For most patients, this starts to subside at around two weeks. There may be additional soreness around the incision sites for up to six weeks. During this time, you’ll be able to see the results more clearly, while all redness or inflammation gradually subsides.


The Benefits of a Breast Lift

The effects of gravity on the body are nearly impossible to avoid. While exercise, healthy diets and staying fit can help preserve the elasticity of your skin, some patients may still see areas of concern in other areas that are harder to maintain. The breasts, for example, can fluctuate greatly throughout a woman’s life. In some cases, this can result in a pendulous appearance, with nipples that may protrude or point downward. A breast lift procedure in Australia can help correct this and deliver a more youthful contour while maintaining the overall shape or size of the breasts.

At Refine Clinic, we understand the importance that cosmetic surgery can signify for a patient. Our head surgeon, Dr Ron Paul Bezic, is expertly-trained with years of experience in breast surgery and body contouring procedures. To learn more about what breast lift in Sydney cost is, what you can expect during the procedure, or information about scheduling a free consultation with our experienced Consultant in Bondi Junction, contact Refine Cosmetic Clinic today at (02) 8880 9053.

About Refine Clinic

Since 2007, our facility has been dedicated to providing clients with high-quality care and state-of-the-art services to address a range of cosmetic issues. Together, Dr Ron Paul Bezic and Dr Alan Evans deliver incredible face, body and breast surgery procedures alongside the other dedicated staff members at Refine Clinic. Our facility offers a free initial consultation with our experienced Consultant to patients seeking an introductory appointment to ensure they get a chance to understand their surgical options before commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

For many patients seeking a breast lift in Sydney, reviews can give them a real account to help better determine if this is right for them. At Refine Clinic, we offer patients access to before and after pictures featuring real results from previous patients, to help give them a better idea of what the results of a breast lift are in different body types. While cosmetic surgery may not be an ideal solution for everyone, it has changed the lives of countless men and women across Australia. You may be an excellent candidate for mastopexy, if you struggle with any of the following:

  • Sagging breasts that have lost shape, volume or become elongated and deflated
  • You find your nipples get caught underneath your breasts when unsupported
  • The areola or nipple on either one or both breasts points directly downward when not in a bra or shirt
  • Your breasts don’t sit at the same placement on your chest
  • The tissue on your breasts has lost its shape
  • The areola is stretched out of proportion
What Are Mastopexy and Mammoplasty?
When considering breast surgery of any kind, you might run into some plastic surgery or medical terms that are unfamiliar to you. Augmentation, implants, mammaplasty, mastopexy – what exactly do they mean and what terms refer to the procedure that is best for your unique aesthetic concerns. Mastopexy is the technical term for breast lift surgery. This is the procedure that is typically recommended for sagging breasts with excess skin and tissue that needs to be trimmed away. A mammoplasty is breast augmentation and refers to breast surgery that is performed to help enlarge or enhance the overall size of the bust. A less medical but more all-encompassing term like boob job may also be used interchangeably with any of these terms, but typically refers to a procedure that involves implants.
Picking the Right Surgeon For a Breast Lift

Deciding on the best breast lift surgeon in Sydney for your needs can take some time. An in-depth consultation with an experienced cosmetic professional can help you take the first step. A skilled professional with a special focus on breast enhancement surgery, such as a breast lift or augmentation, may be able to provide first-hand knowledge and help deliver optimal results. During this first appointment, you can discuss your beauty goals and what you hope to achieve with your breast surgery. Your Consultant should speak to you candidly and in layman terms to ensure you understand the risks and what the procedure entails. You can also discuss what a breast lift may cost in Sydney, to get a better idea of the budget for a procedure like this.

What Does a Breast Lift Cost in Sydney?
Cosmetic plastic surgery is an excellent way to enhance your appearance! A mastopexy can be especially beneficial to women who want to reverse the appearance of saggy or drooping breasts. When talking to your surgeon, you may be told a starting amount when discussing the average breast lift near Sydney price. However, what your breast lift surgery ends up costing will ultimately depend upon the extent of treatment required, whether you are combining the procedure with another breast enhancement, like implants or a reduction. Additionally, we offer payment plans to patients to help the cost remain affordable for a range of budgets.
Should I Get Breast Implants?
Are you unhappy with your breasts? You are not alone! Millions of women all over the world undergo breast enhancement procedures to address imperfections in their breast shape, size or symmetry. For many women, a breast lift can provide anti-aging results and turn back the clock to a time when their bust was youthful and perky, and address issues that can affect just about anyone overtime. However, some women also wish to build onto their current tissue because they have naturally smaller breasts or have lost fat in the area due to changes in their body or lifestyle. To achieve this, breast implants may be recommended, which can increase the size of your breasts, fix asymmetrical issues and deliver a more pronounced bosom. Patients in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney can contact Refine Clinic to learn more about breast surgery and combining implants with a mastopexy.

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