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Breast implants are an incredibly popular cosmetic surgery procedure in Australia. Women with breasts that are small in proportion to their body often struggle with self-image issues about their chest. Breast implants can help improve the symmetry of your silhouette and enhance your femininity and sensuality. However, it’s not a surgery that will be ideal for every patient! It’s a major decision that should be researched and approached with an open mind. Finding a reliable and experienced surgeon with a successful track record and a passion for his patients can also help reduce the risk of complications and surgical issues associated with breast implants.

We believe that patients should always ask surgeons how safe are breast implants and whether they are following TGA and medical standards carefully! Feeling comfortable is an important part of your breast implants experience, and finding a surgeon you can trust can help the procedure seem less overwhelming. Consultations are an excellent opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have regarding the safety of breast implants. At Refine Clinic, we always offer free consultations to patients considering breast implants in Sydney.

Our breast implants expert, Dr Ron Paul Bezic, is a leading surgeon in his field and has performed hundreds of successful plastic surgery procedures on men and women throughout Australia. He is especially well-versed in breast implants and can help patients with delicate situations understand their options. His customer-centred approach allows patients to feel confident talking to him about their aesthetic desires regarding breast implants.

Together, you can plan the ideal surgical approach for you, and review any risks, complications or concerns surrounding breast implants. Call us today to schedule an appointment for an initial complimentary consultation with our very experienced Consultant at our facility in Sydney.


What to Consider Before Breast Implants

Before getting breast implants, there are some things you should consider. All surgical procedures, including plastic and cosmetic surgery, carry some risks. Being educated about your healthcare providers and understanding what the standards are for high-quality breast implants and surgical care can help you avoid illegitimate or low-standard facilities. As per TGA, it is recommended to discuss the following things with your potential surgeon or facility before getting breast implants:


Training and experience

Medical professionals have to undergo various types of schooling and training to receive different types of certifications, such as those required to place breast implants. Plastic surgery professionals must gather certain qualifications, skills and training to be able to successfully perform procedures like breast implants and body contouring procedures in Australia. In addition to knowing how to properly perform the surgery and place devices such as breast implants, plastic surgery professionals should be fully educated in the various complications and potential outcomes that may occur.

Risks and Safety

Your surgeon should be able to give you a breakdown of the potential risk of breast implants, including surgical risks or complications with the implant after the surgery. Ask them if they have or are willing to provide you with a comprehensive list that you can review or take home while you decide. \

At Refine Clinic, we are happy to offer patients information on alternatives to breast implants as well, to ensure patients are fully informed.


In addition to any risks or adverse reactions, surgeons should fully discuss the potential benefits of breast implants with interested patients. This is an excellent way to dispel any myths or incorrect information that may have come from friends or family and ask questions you may be worried about, such as scarring or breastfeeding after getting breast implants. For most women, the benefits of breast implants include larger, fuller and more youthful breasts, but there may be specific benefits that are unique to you. Find a surgeon who is willing to offer their professional recommendation based on what would benefit you best regarding breast implants!

Implant Information

There are many different implant options available on the market. In Australia, something known as the Australian Breast Device Registry (ABD) helps to keep track of the success rate and quality of breast implants long-term. When discussing the possible implant choices with your surgeon, be sure to ask them questions about the various risks and benefits of each. It can be difficult to pick the perfect breast implants for you, so be sure to ask your surgeon for their professional recommendation. Once you have chosen, take note of the implant information including the make and model, so you can have it easily accessible just in case you need to replace your breast implants down the line.


The Risks of Breast Implants

Are breast implants safe? In short, yes. The TGA issues stringent regulations on breast implants and encourages Australian plastic surgeons to register with the ABD. While there are risks associated with the actual surgery, these are typically uncommon when performed in a licensed Australian facility with experienced and trustworthy surgeons. When your surgeon and their team follow safety protocols and carefully approaches each surgery, the risk of complications with breast implants surgery such as infection, bleeding or anaesthesia issues can be greatly reduced.

There are also risks involved with the breast implants themselves. Breast implants are generally created by high-end companies, such as Allergan®, which are well-known for their cosmetic enhancements and devices. Talk to your surgeon about the type of breast implants they use and the reliability of the devices. While it can be almost impossible to guess which breast implants will have issues such as capsular contracture, leaking, rupture, rippling, displacement or other issues, patients can talk to their surgeons about the likelihood of developing complications. They should also provide you with instructions on what to do if you experience adverse side effects after your breast implants surgery.


Are Breast Implants Safe in Sydney?

If you are struggling to find a reliable plastic surgeon offering breast implants in Sydney, call Refine Clinic today! Since 2007, we have offered patients access to high-quality cosmetic surgery, including breast implants, at affordable rates. We understand the importance of looking and feeling good about your appearance, and we offer breast implants to patients who wish to improve not just their looks, but also their entire quality of life!

Our facility offers breast implants to visitors and residents of Bondi Junction, Double Bay, North Bondi and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (02) 8880 9053 to schedule an appointment!

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