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How many times have you gazed at your physique and fantasised about sucking fat from your stomach and transferring it to your breasts? Many women aspire to have their bodies sculpted to perfection. With this breast augmentation innovation, that dream, as it turns out, can come true! The only issue that you can think of is you might be concerned about the fat transfer cost.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer removes your own fat cells from unfavourable parts of the body and reintroduces them in areas where you would want to add some volume. You can compare it to a natural breast lift, or a cosmetic surgery that uses transferred fat cells from your tummy to your breast. You can definitely see natural-looking and long-lasting results from the autologous fat transfer.

Have your breast size and shape beautifully using this breast surgery. Continue reading to find out how much money would sessions of breast augmentation using fat transfer cost and what the surgery entails.


Breast Enhancement: Fat Transfer

breast augmentation using fat trasferFat transfer breast augmentation, as previously mentioned, takes fat from your hips, stomach, thighs, or other unattractive regions to plump up your breasts. This is a fantastic alternative to silicone implants, which can lead to rejection. (After all, who doesn’t fantasise about relocating that tiny bit of fat to a more shapely location?)

To start the procedure for fat to transfer to the breast, an incision is made, a ‘pocket’ is carved out, and a silicone implant is placed into the “pocket” in traditional silicone breast implants. In even the least invasive procedures, the wound is subsequently closed up, leaving a scar. Fat cells transfer to the breast, on the other hand, involves delicate liposuction and gradual reinsertion. There are no incisions and practically no scars as a result of this procedure.


How does this Surgical or Invasive Procedure Work?

Your surgeon will work with you to determine which regions of your breasts you wish to take fat from during fat transfer breast augmentation. They’ll next remove the fat cells with a mild liposuction cannula. Your surgical team uses a centrifuge to purify the fat. They can then place the healthy fat in a syringe, ready for the fat transfer.

The healthy fat cells are then progressively reintroduced into the breasts once it has been isolated. To ensure that the fat deposits settle into compact layers, the region is gently rubbed. This produces the most effective contouring effect that will endure a long period.


Who can Undergo this Natural Breast Augmentation?

If you want your breast enhancement to look organic and natural, no doubt that your surgeon can surely recommend this breast procedure. However, fat grafting for breast shape enhancement has its limitations.

For instance, you must discuss your desired outcomes with your surgeon to ensure you get the finest surgery possible. People who desire a minor enlargement to their breasts might consider fat transfer breast augmentation. If the client has a natural lift and good bust shape, as well as excess body fat to eliminate, we can assure you that the breast fat transfer procedure can work exceptionally well.

However, if you want your boobs to jump from cup size A to cup size D, fat transfer or fat grafting would not work for you and your expectations. You may want to consider silicone implants as the best option for you, not relying on the power of the transferred fat, if you want a large size increase or extreme contouring.

Also, if you have a history of breast cancer, you should talk to your surgeon about this procedure. Excess fat grafting used for surgical procedures like these might interfere with breast cancer screenings.


How Much for Fat Injections as Breast Implants?

fat trasfer liposuctionFat transfer breast augmentation or fat grafting costs vary based on where you live, who you choose as your surgeon, and the specifics of your procedure. Larger transfers of fat injected are likely to be more costly.

In general, the cost of this operation ranges from $3,000 to $11,000. The average cost of the procedure goes a little over $6,000. Breast augmentation with traditional implants costs roughly the same as fat transfer breast augmentation. Fat transfer, on the other hand, results in minimal scarring, less chance of resistance, and a much more organic shaping appearance.


What does your Money Cover with Fat Transfers?

Of course, the surgeon’s charge accounts for a significant portion of the cost of fat transfer breast augmentation. A substantial portion of your cost will be devoted to the anesthesiologist’s price. However, you should be prepared for additional, less visible surgical expenses.

Surgery centers may have their own costs that you must pay in specific instances. Then there’s pain medication, follow-up fees, and additional medical supplies like scar therapy and bandaging to consider. You may also require a special post-surgery bra to give more support as you heal.


Can your Insurance Cover it?

Plastic surgery is often not covered by insurance since it is a cosmetic operation. However, if the treatment is part of reconstructive surgery (for example, in the case of someone who has undergone a mastectomy), the procedure may be classified as medical rather than cosmetic by insurance. Speak with your insurance carrier if you feel this is the situation for you.

Even if your insurance company refuses to pay for your operation, you might not have to pay out of cash. You may be able to take advantage of payment options offered by some surgeons. You might be able to get a loan to help you pay for your operation.


What Are Some Good Points to Remember?

Reabsorption is a problem with fat transfer breast augmentation since it uses fat from your body. The body may transfer fat to its normal place, which means your augmentation may become less visible with time. This is especially true in regions where there is a lot of movement, such as the lips.

After the procedure, you should avoid moving the region too much. It will be easier to keep the implant in place if you keep it still. Your augmentation can last for years if you take appropriate care of it and recuperate well.


Find a Top Plastic Surgeon in Sydney

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is a fantastic natural alternative for enhancing your breasts. Talk to your surgeon about this option if you desire a bit of extra shape or plumpness. The end effect will be both natural and long-lasting.

Patients interested in having breast implant surgery with Dr. Ron Bezic at Refine Cosmetic Clinic may contact us now at (02) 8880 9053 and inquire about our breast implant services! Dr. Bezic is a board-certified breast augmentation and breast lift expert in Sydney. To begin your individual consultation, please contact him right now.

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