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Are you considering cosmetic surgery for breast implants in Sydney? You’re not alone! Thousands of women in Australia undergo a breast augmentation surgery, with implants being a popular option to help increase the shape or size or their current bust. A big question many patients consider, however, is whether breast implants are safe, and the risks associated with major cosmetic surgery. At Refine Clinic, we offer patients free consultations to answer these types of questions and help patients begin the journey towards a new and improved appearance. 

Your safety should be a number one priority for both you and your surgeon, and making you comfortable is crucial to providing an enjoyable experience. Don’t feel afraid to ask your surgeon how safe are breast implants and what their success rate is among past patients. Viewing before and after pictures and seeing images of patients throughout the healing process can help patients get a better idea of what to prepare for and whether they feel it is a good decision for them. Ultimately, it is the job of your surgeon and their staff to make you feel as positive about your procedure as possible. If you feel like they are not the facility for you, don’t hesitate to look for a second opinion! 

Don’t be afraid to talk about potential complications and discuss what your surgeon can do to help reduce any risks. Most doctors offer helpful, informative pamphlets or brochures about breast implants that they are happy to go over with you. Plus, you’ll likely be encouraged to come back and schedule a second appointment to further explore the different breast implant options available. This is the best way to decide what is ideal for you, and you should never feel like you are being rushed to take the next step.


Understanding the Risks of Breast Implants

There are risks to consider with any type of surgery, including routine medical procedures. Infection, bacteria, hematoma and anaesthesia complications are the most immediate concern during and directly after the procedure. Thankfully, a high-end facility and expertly trained surgeon can help reduce the risk of these surgical risks. It’s important to remember if you need further surgery or decide to change your aesthetic desires later in life, you may be at risk of these surgical complications again.


Other risks associated with breast implants include:

  • Capsular contracture, which occurs when hard scar tissue begins forming around the implant, which causes it to lose shape
  • Implant rupture or deflation 
  • Wrinkling of the skin over the implant
  • Keloid scarring, which is characterised by lumpy, pink, raised scars
  • Changes in sensation in the breast or nipple area, which may include some numbness
  • Allergic reactions to the breast implants, any of the surgical materials, or anaesthesia
  • Fluid build-up after surgery
  • Calcium deposits in the scar tissue surrounding the breast implants

Of course, patients must also consider the possibility that they may not be satisfied with their results. Asymmetry, improper implant size, disproportion or other aesthetic concerns may prompt patients to desire a secondary surgery.

Additionally, further down the line, patients who might desire to replace or upgrade their current breast implants, will require another surgery. Even if it seems unlike, discuss the possibility with your surgeon.


Are Breast Implants Safe?

When you ask a surgeon ‘are breast implants safe’, its recommended to keep in mind that all cosmetic enhancement procedures have their risks, but your safety often falls into skill level of the surgeon and the facility. Additionally, the pre- and post-op care instructions can help patients reduce their risk of complications or difficulties during the recovery process. 

The type of implants you choose or the size increase you are considering can also weigh into the question of are breast implants safe. For example, the type of implants you have can affect what happens if your implants rupture. While both saline and silicone breast implants are housed in silicon-based devices, the material inside will determine their “type”.  

Saline breast implants, if ruptured, will absorb back into the body – but some patients feel they don’t always mimic the look or feel of normal breast tissue. Silicone implants, on the other hand, might help to feel more realistic, but if they deflate or rupture, it’s almost impossible to tell without an MRI or scan. Additionally, some patients are concerned about the exposure of silicone in their body in the event of rupture.

Additionally, recovery after breast implants is incredibly important, as it can help you ensure safer and smoother healing. If you have a particularly taxing job or responsibility, consider taking up to three weeks off to recover. Most patients can start returning to their normal activities after a week, but lifting heavy objects or engaging in strenuous exercise can still raise your risk for complications like displacement of the breast implants or issues with the incision. Typically, your surgeon will recommend avoiding these activities for up to six weeks (or longer). This can be difficult for women who enjoy a healthy lifestyle, but you can talk to your surgeon about light exercise or activity you can do while healing. 


Talk to An Expert to About the Safety and Risks of Breast Augmentation

For the majority of patients, a nagging concern is “are breast implants safe?”. At Refine Clinic, we truly understand this concern and work closely with our patients to help answer any questions. New patients can request a complimentary appointment for breast implants with our expert Consultant who works closely with our surgeons. They can help you answer any initial questions you have, and help review any relevant medical history to determine if you are an eligible candidate for breast implants. You’ll be able to go over any pictures or inspiration of what you may be considering for your augmentation and discover the various types available at our clinic! 

We welcome patients from all over Sydney, as we are conveniently located in Bondi Junction. Call us today at (02) 8880 9053 to schedule a consultation for breast implants!

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