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Breast implant surgery is an excellent way to help address common aesthetic concerns that affect women of all ages. Patients who struggle with body image based on the size, shape or fullness of their breasts can enjoy a more feminine contour and boost self-confidence. Using silicone or saline implants, patients can enhance their bust size and address issues like volume loss, asymmetry, disproportion and more. It is considered an elective procedure and should always be performed by a professional, licensed cosmetic surgery with experience in the field.

Finding a high-quality surgeon to perform your breast implant surgery can help reduce the risk of any unwanted side effects or potential surgical complications. There are risks involved with any type of surgery, including cosmeticl procedures, so finding a trustworthy, honest and reliable surgeon can help you feel more confident and reduce your chance of something going wrong.

At Refine Cosmetic Clinic, our lead breast augmentation surgeon is Dr Ron Paul Bezic. Dr Bezic is the current President of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and has performed hundreds of breast implant procedures on women in Australia.

A reliable surgeon and a high-end facility can also help your recovery time go more smoothly. When your surgeon is delicate, careful and utilises the right technique for your unique needs, it can help to reduce breast implant pain after surgery and may even speed up your recovery time!


Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Many women are wary of undergoing breast implant surgery because they are afraid of experiencing extreme pain or distress during recovery. While it is true that most patients will experience some type of discomfort after a procedure, breast implant pain is very manageable and in almost all cases, completely temporary. Your surgeon can provide you with a prescription for a pain reliever, as well, to help during the first few weeks. Additionally, following your surgeon’s instructions for post-op care can help alleviate any discomfort and reduce pain, inflammation and bruising sooner.

Before undergoing any type of surgery, you’ll have to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgery facility or a surgeon. It’s highly recommended that you do your research and look for a reputable physician with quality accreditation and experience performing breast augmentation on women in your area. If cost or financing is a concern, look for a facility that offers payment plans or flexible billing options. Avoid travelling overseas to other countries for plastic surgery, as this can increase your risk of breast implant pain or complications.

From there, you’ll be able to review any pertinent information regarding the breast implant procedure and start planning. You’ll be able to discuss the best type of implants for and patients are often advised to consider potential lifestyle changes in the future. You’ll have a chance to see different sizes, shapes and textures to help determine what you feel most comfortable with. In some cases, your surgeon may even suggest slightly different sizes to help you achieve a more symmetrical result!

Once you have decided on the breast implant approach, you can move forward with scheduling the surgery.


Reducing Pain After Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implant pain is often at its worst in the first 24 to 48 hours after your procedure. This is when the skin is the tightest due to swelling and bruising of the tissue and muscles. After the first two to three days, most patients will experience significant relief in the area, but may still experience some tightness, swelling or slight pain. During the first week, it is advised to remain resting in an upright position.

Patients will not be able to lift their arms or bend over, so it is advised to call over a loved one to help you around the house. Many patients opt to stock up on comfort foods beforehand to ensure they don’t have to make any last-minute trips to the store.

To help ease the pain, your surgeon will recommend using ice and cold compresses. This simple and straight-forward form of pain management is often the most effective, as it can also help to reduce swelling and inflammation (which may be contributing to the cause of the pain in the first place). Patients are advised to use an ice pack or cold compress on the areas of your chest around the implants to help numb it without direct contact. Remember not to expose your bare skin to ice, as this could lead to a different type of pain. Ice packs and cold compresses should be used for twenty minutes at a time, and then left off for another twenty minutes.

Arnica is another great and natural way to help alleviate discomfort related to breast implant surgery. Patients can start taking it orally up to a week before their surgical appointment and can continue taking it for as long as needed during recovery. Once the incisions are healed, patients may opt for arnica gel or cream.


Breast Implants in Sydney

At Refine Cosmetic Clinic, we can help you achieve a more flattering feminine figure with breast implant surgery in Sydney! Call us at (02) 8880 9053 today to schedule a FREE consultation in Bondi Junction.

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