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Breast implants are a popular procedure among women in Australia! It can help enhance the size, shape and symmetry of your breasts and help provide a more flattering figure. Breast implants and any type of plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure should always be performed by an experienced and accredited surgeon! This can help ensure that your experience is rewarding and your results are satisfactory. Having a reliable surgeon can also help make your aftercare experience more comfortable and potentially even speed up breast implant recovery time.

Breast implants should be carefully chosen to suit each patient individually. While it’s helpful to have an idea of what your aesthetic goals are, many patients find that the size, shape or style of implants they chose was not what they originally had in mind. Be sure to discuss the various breast implants available and don’t hesitate to ask if you can feel or test them out! This can help give you a realistic idea of the weight and size of breast implants so you can make a decision that suits your frame, figure and aesthetic desires.

The extent of correction desired, such as the size and shape of your breast implants, as well as the incision and placement technique can all affect breast implant recovery time. If you are worried about having to take time off of work or taking care of small children, talk to your surgeon about alternative options or tips to help you speed up the healing process. We understand that many patients feel eager to finally see the changes in their body, but being patient and taking extra care of yourself during the healing process is the first step towards ensuring a safe and speedy recovery.


The Breast Implants Procedure

Before surgery, you will first have to sit down with an experienced consultant or plastic surgery professional. You will have the opportunity to discuss whether you are a candidate for plastic surgery, and if so, whether breast implants are right for you. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask any questions about the risks, benefits and recovery of breast implants.

Once you have decided to move forward with breast implants, you’ll be able to discuss the approach with your facility and start prepping for your plastic surgery. Most patients will be advised to stop drinking alcohol, using tobacco and taking certain medications in the few weeks leading up to (and after) your appointment, as these can increase the risk of bleeding and surgical complications when getting breast implants. You’ll be given care instructions to follow before your surgery as well as advice to help you get ready for the first few days after.

Before your breast implant surgery, it’s advised to fill your prescriptions and contact someone who can be available to help you get home and handle basic tasks around the house. Many patients find it helpful to set up their bed with plenty of pillows and stock up on comfort foods to help alleviate the discomfort of the first few days, which can be the most debilitating.

The day of your surgery, you should wear comfortable clothing and have someone drive you to and from the facility. You’ll be placed under general anaesthesia for breast implants, which means the procedure will happen while you are asleep. Once you wake up, the breast implants will have been placed and the incisions will be closed and bandaged. At this point, your surgeon will provide you with any information or care instruction that you will have to follow immediately after surgery.


Average Recovery Time for Breast Implant Surgery

Immediately after surgery, patients will likely be experiencing some swelling, bruising, discomfort or tightness in the chest. This is normal and will generally subside after the first few days. During this time, patients will be prescribed medications to help alleviate the pain. Using ice liberally (but carefully) can help speed up recovery time for breast implants and help to relieve inflammation and bruising. Compression garments and sleeping in an upright position are also recommended to speed up healing, as this helps to reduce swelling as well!

The first few weeks after surgery for breast implants, patients should be mindful of any strenuous activity or exercise. Avoid jumping, lifting your arms or anything that puts excessive strain on your chest. If you pop a stitch, suture or an implant, you will have to revisit your surgeon and this may delay the recovery process. Most patients start to see their results after three months, but there will still be some fluid build-up and small inflammation around the breast implants that will affect the final results. In most cases, around six to eight months after getting breast implants, patients will be fully healed.


Breast Implants in Sydney

Finding a reliable surgeon for breast implants in Sydney can be difficult for some patients! With such a delicate procedure, it’s important to trust only experienced and accredited plastic surgeons and facilities that follow TGA regulations. At Refine Clinic, we offer breast implants to residents and visitors of Sydney at our facility in Bondi Junction. Our skilled breast implants surgeon, Dr Bezic, has performed hundreds of breast implant surgeries.

Contact us at (02) 8880 9053 to schedule your complimentary consultation with our very experienced Consultant for breast implants today!

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