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When it comes to first impressions, looks are important; we cannot erase that fact. Attraction initially comes about physically, so you must first have an appealing body, face, or figure for someone to notice. That truth is the very reason why women who feel their breasts are too small rely on breast augmentation. Let us know the breast implants prices available in Australia, what they include, and other considerations that are needed if planning to undergo breast augmentation.


Breast implants prices in Australia


In reality, it is hard to get an exact price tag when it comes to any cosmetic surgery procedure in Australia. The law prohibits cosmetic clinics and surgeons from giving a price range for a specific procedure if it would still include additional charges. That is why it is difficult for patients to really know how much their budget should be unless they get a one-on-one consultation with a plastic surgeon.


In Australia, you can expect to spend $6000 to $12000 for a breast augmentation procedure. This price estimate may already include the surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee, hospital fee, and other medications and tests prescribed by your surgeon.


Breast implants prices in Australia: Why some get it lower


For patients to fully prepare financially for their breast augmentation, they must have a budget of at least $15000, in case additional expenses are needed. However, ways to lower the costs have been observed over the years. These may include but are not limited to the following:




Getting cheaper implants. With various manufacturers now offering different types of breast implants, patients (and doctors) can now have the freedom to choose lower-priced implants. This practice may solve the high price tag of the procedure, but be mindful of the consequences this could entail. Be aware of the quality of cheap breast implants, because the longevity of its purpose relies on it.




Having GPs perform your surgery. In Australia, an aspiring doctor who graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS) degree can already perform any cosmetic surgery procedure he knows. Their services, because they lack the specialisation, can cost lower than what is offered by specialist plastic surgeons. This practice, though widely accepted as the norm, is not recommended since GPs are not medical specialists who trained and are licensed to perform such major operation. The quality of their work, because they lack experience or expertise, may be questionable.


Medical tourism. Many Australians have been embracing this practice for years now. Countries in Asia and Latin America are now offering cosmetic surgery procedures for a fraction of the price we see in Australia, the US, and UK. Their advertisements claim that their plastic surgeons are highly experienced, they have high-quality breast implants, and breast implants prices are unbelievably lower. This may sound enticing, but one must first consider their safety before jumping into their competitive offers. Consider researching about the doctor, hospital, and surgery package before getting that flight ticket.


Deciding to undergo breast augmentation is a life-changing decision. This should be personal and choosing to undergo any procedure should never be in a rush and should not be done impulsively. This crucial choice should include your safety, the breast implants prices and how it would affect your finances, and the procedure’s impact on your outlook in life.

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