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Have you been considering breast implants? This is an incredibly popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed among women in Australia. Feelings of disproportion or inadequacy with your figure can be disheartening, and breast implant surgery can help women who struggle with self-image and self-esteem! The procedure is beneficial for patients who wish to enhance the overall shape or fullness of their bust, as well as women who are hoping to correct flat or small breasts. 

Many women worry about losing the natural look or feel of their breasts after breast implant surgery. Thankfully, there are many options available for women who desire this natural-looking result, and you can talk to your consultant or surgeon about the different techniques and implant types to consider.

Of course, it’s impossible to guarantee that the results of a patient’s surgery will come out to perfectly mimic the natural breast tissue. But, finding an expertly trained cosmetic surgeon with experience in body contouring and breast enhancement surgery can greatly help to reduce the risk of complications or unwanted side effects

Finding a surgeon that has success achieving the aesthetic you desire can also help to increase your odds of ensuring your breast implants will have a beautifully natural-looking result after recovery! Reviewing before and after pictures and reviews from previous patients can help give an idea of what you may expect – but it’s important to keep in mind that the results will vary based on your unique body structure, current bust size and desired augmentation.

At Refine Clinic, breast implant surgery is led by Dr Ron Paul Bezic, expert breast surgeon and current President of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery. 


How to Prepare For a Breast Augmentation

To help achieve the best possible results, it’s recommended that patients take their breast augmentation surgery very seriously! Changes in lifestyle are recommended before and after the procedure to help speed up the recovery process and help the breast tissue and muscles heal! If natural looking breast implants are your goal, there are plenty of tips to help you achieve this:


  • Bigger may not be betterThe larger you go with breast implants, the more breast tissue will be stretched. This can potentially cause rippling, widening of the breast and even sagging or drooping. Consider a natural-looking size that accentuates your current figure to reduce the risk of these unwanted results.
  • Silicone may be a better option – Cohesive silicone is often the most popular choice among women who desire natural looking breast implants. It may also have a more cohesive shape and texture to help achieve this result with more success. Ask your surgeon if this is an option!
  • Anatomical implants will help mimic breast shape – Often called teardrop implants, this option sits in the chest in a way that more closely resembles the natural “drop” of the breast.
Breast Implants
  • Textured material can help the implant stay put – Talk to your surgeon about textured implants. Round implants typically do not affect the breast appearance in they rotate, but anatomical devices may be textured to keep them from shifting.
  • Submuscular placement might be recommended – It typically means a longer and potentially uncomfortable recovery time, but a submuscular placement can help deliver more natural looking breast implants.


Other tips, like eating a healthy diet and cutting habits like tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption, can also help patients who desire natural looking breast implants. This can reduce the risk of issues that can lead to hardening, shifting, rupturing or other issues that can impact the health or overall natural look and feel of your breast implants. Your surgeon will provide you with a clear list of instructions to follow.

Typically, it involves lifestyle tips and instructions to stop certain medications, such as NSAIDs and blood-thinning medicines, for up to a month before your surgery. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully!


After Care Tips for Natural Looking Breast Implants

Aside from finding an excellent surgeon and trustworthy cosmetic surgery facility, the recovery period is arguably the most important aspect of your breast implant procedure to ensure natural-looking results! During this time, patients are required to take it easy and refrain from any activities that could put unnecessary strain or potential harm the implants. Many surgeons recommend using cold compresses or ice regularly during the first few days to reduce swelling and discomfort. 

Massaging has also been said to help patients soften the breast tissue, helping to produce natural-looking breast implants! This can help to reduce capsular contracture, which is a potential side-effect of the procedure. Capsular contracture happens when the tissue surrounding the implant begins to tighten or harden. This can cause issues and pain, impacting the safety and appearance of natural looking breast implants.

At Refine Cosmetic Clinic, we know that plastic surgery is about more than just improving appearances! Call us today at (02) 8880 9053 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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