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Deciding to get breast implants is a personal choice. Many women feel empowered after their procedure, as it can help achieve a more balanced silhouette for women who feel their bust is disproportionate to their body. As one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in Australia, it helped countless patients feel more confident about their appearance and improve self-esteem in low-cut clothing, lingerie or swimwear. If you’re considering surgery in Sydney, we can help you weigh the pros and cons of breast implants to decide if it’s right for you. 

Talking to an expert consultant at a facility like Refine Cosmetic Clinic is the best way to obtain honest and accurate answers to any questions. They’ll help you understand if breast augmentation surgery is right for you, or if you are even an eligible candidate. Our consultant can even offer opinions on alternative or accompanying procedures like breast augmentation with fat transfer or breast implants with a lift. Our goal is to ensure patients get personalised care from knowledgeable surgeons, like Dr Ron Bezic. 

In addition to finding a surgeon, a facility and deciding whether it’s even a surgery you’d like to undergo – you must also consider the different breast implant options. To help provide an experience that is carefully customised around each patient’s needs, Refine Clinic offers a range of different materials as well as varying shapes and sizes to help ensure patients pick the perfect implant for them. We help them consider long-term goals, like pregnancy, breastfeeding, career goals and potential lifestyle changes to help choose the best breast implants.


Picking the Best Breast Implant Type

When considering breast implants, it’s important to remember that the best is about what is ideal for your unique needs. Both saline and silicone are equally popular because different patients have enjoyed incredible results with either. This is why it’s imperative to take the time to find something that aligns with your aesthetic needs and surgical plan. Most patients only think in terms of size, and generally, have an idea of what cup size they want or what type of imperfections they’d like to correct. However, achieving the “perfect” breast implants goes beyond just shape and size.


Saline Breast Implants

Each type has its pros and cons, and making the right choice for you is about finding the breast implants that suit your needs best. Some of the pros of saline include:

  • The surgery typically requires a smaller incision.
  • Saline implants are filled after the devices are inserted, so it helps doctors adjust the final amount at the time of surgery to achieve a more balanced result.
  •  Implant rupture is detectable, as you’ll have noticeable deflating.
  • Saline implants can help deliver a final result that has more upper fullness and projection. 

On the other hand, saline breast implants tend to be slightly heavier and might have a firmer feel than natural breasts.

Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone is the classic choice for implants, and many patients experience excellent results with this choice. Some of the pros of silicone include:

  • They feel the most like natural breast tissue.
  • Silicone implants have a lower risk of rippling, which is visible underneath the skin.

On the other hand, silicone breast implants do have a few cons to consider, such as a longer incision, which might leave some visible scarring. Implants are placed prefilled, which could result in slightly uneven sizing. Additionally, silicone implants are nearly impossible to tell when they rupture without an MRI or surgical check-up.


Pros and Cons of Breast Implants

In general, women who undergo breast implants are happy with their results and enjoy a better quality of life. The procedure can help enhance femininity and improve the way their figure looks in clothes. There are many pros of breast augmentation to consider, and some cons that should be discussed with a surgical professional.


Pro: Help Improve Self-Image and Overall Appearance

It can’t be said enough! When weighing the pros and cons of getting breast implants, this is often the most important. Ultimately, patients need to feel good about their surgery, and our clinic strives to help patients choose the right options, so they’ll feel great about their results. As we age, our bodies can fall prey to the unfortunate side effects of aging, such as sagging skin or loose of tissue in the area. Breast implants can help you feel more youthful and balanced.

Pro: Natural-Looking Results

When you choose a surgeon that approaches breast surgery with an experienced hand and an understanding of your unique goals, it can help ensure results that enhance the appearance. For many patients, achieving a result that looks natural is important, and it is possible with the proper approach!

Pro: Long Lasting Results

There are other ways besides breast implants to help enhance your bust, but they are often temporary and can be encumbering or expensive. Push-up bras can help deliver beautiful, natural-looking contours, but patients must continue to replace them over the years and they are often costly. Contouring and make-up tips are also an option, but they don’t last very long and don’t provide fuller results. Breast implants can improve your bust long-term. When weighing the pros and cons of breast implants, their longevity is great – but patients must remember they can change slightly as your body does and you may need to replace them down the line. 

Con: Implants Can Leak or Burst

It’s a rare occurrence, but it’s important to discuss when considering the pros and cons of getting breast implants! Implants do have a risk of rupture, leakage or bursting. In most cases, it requires a considerable amount of pressure or force to the chest, and can typically be addressed with simple replacement surgery. However, patients with silicone implants may not always be able to tell when their breast implants burst. 

Con: Surgery May Be Costly

Breast augmentation is an investment in oneself, but it can be a costly procedure when performed at a high-end facility with an expert and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Thankfully, however, many facilities provide financing and flexible payment options to help accommodate patients. 


Get Expert Advice in Bondi Junction

Talk to an expert consultant about the pros and cons of getting breast implants as they relate to your unique needs and aesthetic goals. Refine Cosmetic Clinic caters to the needs of women in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and the surrounding communities. We are committed to helping provide breast implants that help women enhance their appearance and their lives! Call us today for a consultation at (02) 8880 9053!

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