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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world today. People who want bigger, fuller breasts resort to artificial enhancements that would still look natural and beautiful. To enhance the shape and size of their breasts, they undergo breast augmentation using breast implants. These cosmetic inserts come in different forms, round and teardrop breast implants. Do you know what shape suits you best? Read on to know more about how to choose the best breast implant shape for you.


Round or teardrop breast implants: How are they different?

Round breast implants are very popular since the earlier days of breast augmentation procedures, but teardrop breast implants are also gaining its popularity because of its subtle and more natural-looking effect on your breasts. How do they differ? They differ mainly on their shape and how they make your breasts look.


Round breast implants have equal amounts of volume in the upper and lower portion of the implant. It is also softer than the teardrop breast implants. This breast implant shape can increase the size and cleavage of your almost perfect breasts; highlighting and making your breasts look fuller and more emphasized. Moreover, because it is perfectly round, worrying about the shape and symmetry of your breasts when they rotate or move will not be a concern.


Anatomical or teardrop breast implants gained its name because their shape is the same way a natural breast would look. It has a fuller lower base that gradually tapers as it reaches the upper portion of the implant, looking like a teardrop. These breast implants imitate the typical shape of your breasts, increasing your breast size subtly while giving you a better ‘side boob’ look. Because it has a distinct form, rotating or displacing the breast implant may affect the overall shape of your breasts.


Who can be good candidates for a round or teardrop breast implants?


If you don’t have any problems with your breast shape, but you would still want to increase their size, round breast implants may be the one for you. You can achieve a fuller, more emphasized cleavage using the round breast implants. However, if you have sagging breasts or may have too little breast tissue to add shape to your breasts, anatomical or teardrop breast implants are the ones recommended. These would make your breasts look lifted and decrease the signs of saggy or drooping breasts, creating fuller, bigger, more natural-looking breasts.


How can you choose between round and teardrop breast implants?


Though you may have an initial idea about what breast implant shape you want, it is still best to listen to your plastic surgeon’s recommendation. They are the ones who are highly experienced in determining which implant to choose for you based on your desired results, your body build, and your breast tissue volume. Selecting an ill-fitting breast implant will make your breast enhancement look unreal. Your plastic surgeon will decide which breast implant shape and size will be well-proportioned for your body to make it look natural and youthful. Trust that your plastic surgeon’s recommendation coincides with your needs and preferences, and you can be confident that you are making the right decision for your body.

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