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You may have seen it online – cheaper breast augmentation in Thailand, an all-in package for medical tourism, affordable Thailand breast implants packages, etc. It inevitably tempts anyone who wants to have breast augmentation that fits on the budget. But one may ask, are Thailand breast implants packages really worth it?

Thailand breast implants: Cost comparison

Many Thai cosmetic surgery websites would claim that their cosmetic surgery procedures are way cheaper than those in Australia. Let us see the comparison for breast augmentation cost.

Breast augmentation Bangkok Price Phuket Price
Round implants $5400-$6000 $4400-$5000
Teardrop implants $7400-$8000 $5700-$6500
Endoscopic round $6500-$7300 $5400-$6000
Endoscopic teardrop $8500-$9000 $6100-$7000
Augmentation revision +30% of the price +30% of the price

* Endoscopic round or teardrop breast augmentation means the placement of the breast implants is through the transaxillary route.

Compare these prices to Australia’s breast augmentation procedure cost that may range between $6000 to $15000, and anyone can really be tempted to fly to Thailand and come back with enhanced breasts. The question is, are they safe?



Thailand breast implants: What to consider in medical tourism


Before getting the first flight ticket to Thailand or any medical tourism hotspots, check on the following elements to make sure that your decision is best for you.

Safety. Australia upholds strict rules and regulations about the safety of the patient and the procedure itself. Is the country where you are getting your cosmetic surgery doing the same thing?

Complete confidence and familiarity with the doctor. Most doctors overseas and international cosmetic surgery clinics conduct a video call to talk to their patients about the surgery. Some even offer to fly the patient one day before the surgery, not giving enough time for the patient to consult with the surgeon. No one can deny that a personal one-on-one consultation is still the best way to get a complete assessment of your condition.  It is also a way to become comfortable with the plastic surgeon and ask direct questions about the procedure.

Non-refundable payment. Several cosmetic surgery clinics abroad include airfares and travel accommodation as part of your overall fees. This arrangement may sound convenient, but what if you changed your mind and decided to postpone the surgery? Non-refundable payments are a complete hassle, and you have no choice but to either go on with the risky procedure or push through with cancelling and forget that you wasted money for nothing.

Follow-ups. In every surgery procedure, regular follow-ups with your doctor are necessary to ensure your safety and the state of the procedure. If you underwent surgery abroad, in Thailand for instance, imagine travelling almost every month just to have your surgery checked. You may have gotten discounts from the procedure, but travelling many times a year can cost you more than you’ve saved.

Complications. If something wrong happens to your breasts, it is just too inconvenient to travel to and from Thailand to have your breast implants checked. Patients who underwent Thailand breast implants placement frequently complained about complications from the surgery. Assurance that nothing will go wrong following your overseas breast augmentation is doubtful. It is still best to have your plastic surgeon available anytime you need him. The worst case scenario is the need to have revision surgery that would definitely cost more than the regular breast augmentation.


When thinking about having overseas cosmetic surgery, consider these elements during your decision-making process. Consult friends and loved ones who may have had their surgeries abroad and ask them questions about their experience and what to expect during the process. This way, you can come up with the best decision that can effectively and safely suit your needs.

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